Mr & Mrs Goatson

On Sunday, 20th November, at Oxwich Bay Hotel in the Gower, Swansea, seen the happy bride and groom, Sarah & Liam, tie the knot in front of all their friends. 

Sarah, who I’ve known since primary school, was very relaxed in the lead up to her special moment, helped by the loving nature and fun personalities of her bridesmaids, Lauren (her sister), Hannah and Amy. 

The morning just flowed, plenty of fun and laughter until roughly about an hour before the wedding was due to start, then excited nerves started to kick in. 

The boys on the other hand were also very calm throughout the morning, with Liam enjoying his time with his father and best men in a nearby room. 

Oxwich Bay hosts some beautiful views, the couple were very lucky that on the day itself the weather was perfect. In the build up to the day the rain had been heavy but luckily as the sun came up the clouds started to disappear which allowed for some lovely pictures on the beach from the hotel. 

As the main event started to edge near, it was the perfect time to capture some emotional moments with Sarah. You could see she was getting nervous but also excited to see Liam, the man of her dream. 

Sarah looked gorgeous in her dress, and I’m sure you’ll all agree. 

Liam also looked handsome in his suit. If you could only capture a glimpse of how happy they both make each other then you’d see that they are both made for each other. 

Onto the ceremony, Liam’s nerves started to kick in more as the door finally opened, allowing his bride to glow as she walked down the aisle. 

The ceremony, as I expected, went with plenty of emotion and laughter. It was such a special occasion to be photographing this moment of their lives. 

After the ceremony was over, it was time for some fun on the beach with the newly weds, and they delivered in style! Constantly smiling and laughing which is always lovely to see on people’s wedding day. 

The best men’s speeches were also well received, especially with “The Roasting of Goatson” speech. It truly delivered before ending it with a lovely video montage of the happy couple. 

I really can’t thank Mr & Mrs Goatson enough for allowing me to capture their wedding day. It was a truly remarkable experience and one that I will treasure for a long time. So thank you once again!