Ssshhhh…Don’t Tell The Bride!

“Hi I’m looking for a photographer for my wedding”, “oh that’s great, congratulations on setting a date, when is it for?”, “I’m not 100% sure just yet”. 

This was how the conversation started over the phone when I had a call from Matthew Pewtner. 

I was somewhat confused by our conversation. The groom didn’t know his own wedding date? But, to my surprise, it was later revealed that it was going to be for the next series of Sky 1’s “Don’t Tell The Bride”. 

Much to my excitement at the prospect of this booking, it was all confirmed over the phone with Matthew who seemed to be excited but also a little stressed. 

Matthew, a former professional rugby player for Newport Gwent Dragons, was tasked to organise a wedding for his beautiful fiance, Zoe Williams, in just 3 weeks. 

Now most people will say that it’s impossible to pull this off, but Matthew truly did it in style. 

Normally, plenty of planning and organisation goes into my services for someone’s wedding day, however due to the confidentiality of the show and the wedding, I actually found out the night before where I needed to be at what times. This was a very exciting moment for me, wondering what was to come. 

I was informed by Matthew to be at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, early on Friday March 25th, 2016. 

On arriving at the hotel, this is where I met Zoe and her bridesmaids, surrounded by a film crew. It certainly made the guests heads rise from their morning coffee as they were wondering what it was all for. 

After 3 weeks of not seeing Matthew, you could clearly see Zoe’s excitement that her big day was finally here.  

With Zoe left pondering what was happening next, there was a knock on the door. Much to Zoe’s delight, Matthew had thoughtfully arranged a hair and make up artist, from Envy Hair Studio, for her and the bridesmaids. 

I have to give Lisa and Bledynn a big shout out for the work provided on the morning. They went well above and beyond, and you could see that they really enjoyed themselves with the bride and the bridesmaids too. 

As the day was moving on, excitement and nerves started kicking in for Zoe, but she kept herself calm and laughed all the way through. It was really nice to see a bride, who knew nothing about how her day was going to pan out, just smiling and enjoying the moments. 

It was wonderful to capture Zoe’s reaction catching her first glimpse of the bridesmaids dresses. 

The girls, who were in Roman style fancy dress outfits, managed to pull off the look in spectacular fashion!

Matthew tailored her dress to his own design in keeping with his theme. The dress was ordered at the very popular wedding shop Charlotte Alexander. I think you’ll all agree that she looks beautiful in her wedding dress and Matthew chose well. 

As they moved away from the luxurious Celtic Manor Resort, Zoe made her way to the ceremony at Caerleon  Amphitheater. 

Zoe, totally shocked at having an out door wedding, arrived to the venue on a chariot. She was delighted to see her Dad waiting for her at the entrance gates. 

The next part was where I met Matthew for the first time. Looking like a warrior in his armour, Matthew appeared excited for what was about to happen… Commence the battle scene!!

He organised for a group of Roman legionairies to conduct a fake battle scene, for which Zoe was the prize. I’m pleased to say that Matthew won the battle! 

After the battle ended, it was time for Zoe’s dad to walk her down the aisle. Looking proud and happy as he did so, Zoe was smiling from ear to ear…such a beautiful image as she greeted her man in shining armour. 

It was time for the Roman ceremony to commence. 

Caerleon Amphitheater was sent into cheers from the guests who congratulated their bride and groom on a fantastic ceremony. Certainly a little different to what I’ve been used too. 

After doing some interviews for the cameras, and posing on the chariot, it was time for the bride and groom to move onto their next venue. 

Matthew had booked out an Indian restaurant in Penhow, The Indian Cottage.

His best man, who all day was laughing and joking with Matthew and the guests, totally nailed his best man’s speech! It’s actually a shame the programme left this out as not only did Matthew have a bit of a grilling but Zoe did too…all in good context though. 

Zoe’s dad gave a very emotional speech, as did Matthews dad. 

For the evening ceremony, he booked Zoe’s favourite artist, and former “The Voice” contestant, Ragsy. 

This was a very popular choice with Zoe. She sang and danced her heart out!
Before the evening closed, we managed to take group shots outside of the venue with friends and family, as well as throwing the bouquet. 

I was treated very well by the production team from start to finish, they always kept me informed on the day. It was a privilege to work with Renegade Pictures. 

As for the bride and groom, I can’t thank Matthew enough for finding me online and asking me to capture their day. It was a fantastic day, and again, from both sides of the family to the bride and groom, everyone made me feel welcome and join in with their fun. It certainly was interesting to be part of the show. 

Congratulations Matthew and Zoe, Mr & Mrs Pewtner 

Thanks for booking