Mr & Mrs Mickelsen 

Sunday, 17th July 2016, at Court Colman Manor House in Bridgend, saw the romantic wedding of Gerrard and Joanne. 

With their family and friends surrounding them it was always going to be a joyous occasion with Joanne having 3 brides maids, Sophie, Angela and Joanne along with Olivia as Junior bridesmaid and Darcy as a flower girl, and Gerrard opting for his brother, Dave, as best man with Harvey (the couples son), Blake and Harrison as page boys. 

The mornings weather had started off gloomy but this didn’t stop the spirit of the bridal party, as they enjoyed many of good laughs together and emotions all round. 

Onto the ceremony, Gerrard was very emotional seeing his glowing bride walking down the isle to greet him. He shed a tear at how beautiful she looked and you could just see his heart melting for her. A very touching moment in the day’s proceedings. 

Court Colman, which is situated in beautiful South Wales scenery of mountains and trees, was the perfect choice for this bride and groom. It has to be said about how well the staff were to me personally and the guests of this wedding. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Mr & Mrs Mickelsen a happy life together filled with as much love as they have for their family and each other.